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JBK Math tutoring is focused on the unique individual needs of your child.

The tutoring uses the specific text- book of your child. This results in the immediate application of their knowledge in the classroom.

The tutoring takes place conveniently at your local public library or coffee shop.

Students of JBK Math tutoring typically range from middle school through high school.


JBK Math is competent in identifying the unique characteristics that make up your child's academic life.

JBK Math is very sensitive to your child's learning speed, problem solving skills, confidence level, and attention span.

JBK Math provides one-on-one tutoring to address and optimize the experience.

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Maria Antonopoulos, Ph.D. Mathematics

Maria Antonopoulos, Ph.D.

Born and raised on the North Side of Chicago by her Greek immigrant parents, she pursued her degree in engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after almost two years of employment as an engineer she decided to pursue teaching. In support of her desire to teach she then pursued a Masters in Mathematics at Loyola University and a Ph.D. in Math at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Maria also studied abroad in Spain and has travelled extensively.

Maria has experience teaching at the college level for over a decade and also has experience at the high school and middle school levels through a fellowship awarded to her by the National Science Foundation (NSF)and the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). She has taught and tutored students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. She has experience teaching a wide variety of math courses and is well versed in the subject matter.

Maria and her family live in the western suburbs. In her spare time Maria spends time with friends and family and enjoys working out whenever she can.

How Did We Get Our Name?

John B. Kakleas

The JBK in JBK Math is short for John B. Kakleas, Maria's father who passed away in 2004.

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